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About World Travel Bug

I am Mihaela and this is a visual story of my travels.

My two biggest passions are travel and photography! As a result of my extensive travels, I also love to share knowledge, give advice and help people design their own travels. And that is the reason why I created World Travel Bug (WTB), a blog about smart, cultural, luxury travel and travel photography. I wanted to share what I have experienced, seen, discovered and learned myself from travel and help people travel more and better.

I have been lucky enough to travel a lot in my life, both for business and pleasure. This combination of travels gave me a more complex understanding about places, countries, cultures. I travel mainly by myself, but I always get the help of locals, as they are the best source of information. I am always trying to read about the local culture before I go somewhere which has always been very helpful. I do not travel just to see things, I need to understand them, to understand other cultures, traditions, way of life.

I consider travel an investment in oneself, a zero risk investment that will always make you richer and that will develop you in ways that no book, study or documentary can. So, I hope I can inspire you to invest (more) in yourself and help you with suggestions and advice along the way by helping you to design your travels.

WTB is mainly addressed to people who are looking for variety in their travels, people who want to experience the world from multiple perspectives. Sometimes that variety means that after a delicious and extremely cheap street food meal, you go and enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of champagne on some amazing rooftop, watching a stunning sunset.

Here at WTB you will find a combination of local, luxury as well as “touristy” as it is all part of travel in the end (I don’t know anybody that does not want to visit the Taj Mahal because it is too “touristy”). The mini-guides I put together are also packed with pictures that can only help add flavour to the words and create a more clear image of the chosen destination.

And to put not only “a face to a name” but also “a person behind the picture”,  I have included a  few pictures, each of them describing something personal about me (hover over the link to read the caption). 🙂

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