Borobudur – an otherworldly site

Borobudur temple, java

Seen from the air, itlooks like a mandala, a representation of the cosmos. Viewed from he ground but from afar, the temple has the shape of a stupa.

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Kyoto – 10 reasons why it is unique and my favourite city in the world

I find Kyoto UNIQUE! …for so many reasons. I find it even difficult to describe in words sometimes but I feel a real connection with this city.

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15 things I love about Japan

Is there anyone that has not heard of Japanese gardens? I doubt it. However one thing that is probably not so well known is the fact that there are 3 main types of Japanese gardens:

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Luang Prabang – the Jewel of Indochina

Going to school

Luang Prabang – the Jewel of Indochina ….and I fully agree! Plus I confess : I left a part of …

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