Oradea – 10 reasons I fell in love with this surprising city

Oradea, Romania

Filled with cafes, bars, restaurants and all kind of shops, you don’t know what to admire first as you are making your way through the city centre. You want to stop at each step and take a thousand photos from a thousand angles, or just sit down at one of the charming coffee shops and enjoy a coffee/drink of your choice.

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Bali Spa – the escape from the city

Bali Spa, Cornu

…Bali Spa! It immediately made me think of the lush landscape of Ubud, the smell of incense everywhere, the thousands of temples adorned with beautiful flowers, the beautiful frangipani flowers (my favourite flowers by the way). How can you say no to this?

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A photo guide to Brasov, one of the most charming cities in Romania

Brasov, Romania

A photo guide to Brasov, one of the most charming cities in Romania Geographically, Brasov is situated almost in the centre …

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Sibiu – the fairytale city in the heart of Transylvania

Small cobbled streets, narrow passages, coloured houses, beautiful market squares make you fall in love with it instantly.

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Transylvania – The Fairytale Land

Corvin Castle, Transylvania

Transylvania’s landscape is spectacular, from the mountains, valleys, beautiful roads, numerous castles, and fortified churches to charming old towns and modern cities

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Transalpina – the highway in the sky

Transylvania, Transalpina

Transalpina is the highest and the most spectacular road in Romania. However the highway in the sky is not for the faint hearted…

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