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Kerala backwaters, India

An introduction Kerala and what to see and do – part 1

Almost all dishes are prepared with coconut here, giving it a milder, sweet, delicious taste. In fact, Kerala has the best coconut chutney in the world! I loved to eat it especially in the morning with a steaming idly! Oh and the appam! Soooo delicious! Appam is a steamed rice pancake also typical from Kerala...And I'm not even going to mention here the Alleppey fish curry! Well ...I guess you get the gist about the food in God's own country!

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Kompong Khleang floating village

Tonle Sap and the Cambodian floating villages

What I found the most shocking about this life on water tough is the fact that the water is used for EVERYTHING. And I mean everything: from drinking to cooking to washing to other human needs. There are continuous efforts to bring drinking water into these villages but until then life goes on as it had always been...
Vue at Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai

The best rooftop bars in Asia

Some of the best rooftop bars in Asia, with vertigo inducing stunning views

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Southeast Asia itinerary
In this post I will show you how the actual itinerary looked like, but also what I missed, what I gave up, what I wish I had seen, as well as learnings and recommendations based on my personal experience

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