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8 Amazing Castles and Chateaux in Czech Republic

Fairytale castles, romantic chateaux, picturesque locations, hills covered in vineyards, perfectly still water ponds, elegant gardens...How does that sound? Fairytale enough? Have a look

Bali Spa – the escape from the city

...Bali Spa! It immediately made me think of the lush landscape of Ubud, the smell of incense everywhere, the thousands of temples adorned with beautiful flowers, the beautiful frangipani flowers (my favourite flowers by the way). How can you say no to this?

Borobudur – an otherworldly site

Seen from the air, itlooks like a mandala, a representation of the cosmos. Viewed from he ground but from afar, the temple has the shape of a stupa.

Shwedagon Paya – the golden temple of Myanmar

This bell shaped golden pagoda isnot only one of the most stunning sights in Myanmar, but also in Southeast Asia. It is said to contain 8 of Buddha's hair as well as relics of 3 other Buddhas who attained Enlightement

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