Cocor Spa

Cocor Spa

If you are following my blog (and you definitely should! 😉 ),  you might be aware that I love pampering myself and also that I am on a quest to tests as many spas/wellness centres/resorts as possible. I have started with Asia many years ago and one of my best experiences was in India. I used to be a regular (read annual) customer of the oldest ayurveda resort in India .

But nowadays I am actually discovering the ever growing Romanian Spa market. And so far I have yet to be disappointed. I have already reviewed two of the spa centres here and here .

So let’s see what about Cocor Spa….

It was a cloudy day and a bit chilly for June. And we started here

Seafood and wine= happy girl 🙂

…so some spa time was more than welcome after this!

About Cocor Spa

Cocor Spa is the largest spa I have been to in Romania (at least so far) . The spa is part of the Cocor hotel complex but it is located in a separate building, specially built for this purpose.  Cocor spa spreads on 3 floors, each of them with a different role:

  • Clinique is the name of the first floor and it is for the medical spa
  • Wellness oasis on the second floor is for the wellness part
  • Thermarium and pool on the third floor, is where the pool, saunas and jacuzzi are located

So let’s take them one by one and see what’s on offer.


Cocor Spa

This is more of a health centre rather than just a spa, being focused on medical therapies. It includes  for example: underwater massages,  hydrocolonotherapy but also physiotherapy or electrotherapy and so much more.

Because this is targeted more towards curating, the therapies at Clinique are bundled together in packages for a few days. Depending on the needs of the patient, the packages can be customised but the standard ones would be for 5/10/16 and 6/12/18 days. There are a lot of foreign guests who are returning here for treatments every year. I understood that some of them never missed a year since the opening of the spa. That should certainly say a lot about the results they are getting, right?

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The treatments are customised on the patient’s needs by a team of doctors after a thorough medical check up. There are also some “standard” packages such as: Remise en forme (back in shape), Balneovitality (mostly water based treatments), Spa rheuma or Detox

Wellness oasis

As the name says it, this is the wellness part of the spa, aka where you get pampered 😉 . The only difficult thing here is to choose a treatment or a package. When you see the list you just want them all!

I mean what would you choose between: ayurvedic massage, fusion massage (a combination between Thai and Swedish massage), Lomi Lomi (which I tried myself), reflexology, hot stone, sensorial candle, oriental essence massage, just to name a few.

And if you think that is difficult, think again. This is only the massage part! For example they have something called Aqua therapywhich, amongst other, includes: rain shower scrub and massage, underwater massage (a massage done with water, which tones the muscles and improves peripheral blood circulation), hydro jet therapy ( which uses also essential oils and a special salt used in medicine), aroma bubble bath (yes please!) and so on.

How about body care treatments? One of my favourite body treatments is Iyashi Dome and I gave you more details about it in an earlier post. I have not tried it at Cocor Spa but it is exactly the same procedure everywhere.

Other body care treatments that you can find here are: high precision contouring (I am definitely going to try it next time I go), Tunisian scrub, honey peeling, chocolate decadence (oh dear!), organic seaweed wrap, mud wrap (with mud from nearby Techirghiol lake, very famous in Romania for it unique properties) and many more.

And obviously, the facial treatments should always  be part of any wellness centre and Cocor Spa makes no exception here.  You can find the usual: cleaning, hydrating, anti-aging treatments but the difference at Cocor Spa is that they are using  Thalgo, one of my favorite cosmetic brands (I discovered itwhen I lived in Belgium). Therefore many of Cocor Spa’s facial treatments are based on marine ingredients. Here are a few examples: regard jeunesse (targeting the eyes area by illuminating , de-puffing and anti-ageing at the same time), collagene marine,  marine hyaluronic treatment, M-ceutic mesolift marine, prodiges des oceans. The last 2 are new treatments based on the latest innovation in marine ingredients.

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One facial treatment that drew my attention was Silicone Superlift, and here is why: this treatment can help re-shape the face and neck contour, whilst toning the skin. One treatment can erase 5 years off your face!!! Anybody NOT interested in that raise your hand.

And if you are part of the 40% audience of my blog (yes the male part is a minority here haha), Cocor Spa has special treatments for you. Yes, men only treatments, for body and face!

Package treatments

Some of the treatments here have been cleverly combined into packages to truly help you relax, enjoy the pampering and see the results. And it makes it also easier to choose among soooooo many!

One of my favourites, called “Escales a Zanzibar”, is a limited edition face and body ritual, inspired by the African traditions and rituals. Yes please, take me to Zanzibar!

But then you have other corners of the world inspired rituals, such as Polynesia sensorial spa or Marakesh touch. I want to try them ALL!

Or fi you prefer  a targeted treatment they have : Revitalise, Serenity, Destress, Purify.

You can also get packages for a few days if you really want to take advantage of their offers: Wellness thalassotherapy, Serenity and life balance, Zen attitude, Venus beauty and lightness, Venus in a day.

So… you can see, PLEEEEEENTY to chose from. Good luck with that! 😉

Thermarium and pool

This is the third and top level of the spa. I  think the name is pretty self explanatory as to what you can find here: pool, Jacuzzi, saunas, hamam, emotional showers, sun deck and even an ice fountain.


After writing about all these I feel like I need a massage now! So I will stop here and I hope I gave you a pretty good idea about this place. Let me know if you have any questions in a comment below. If you want more details you can also head over to their website here.

Also I would love to discover more wellness/spa resorts in Romania and anywhere else in the world so I am looking forward to your recommendations in the comments! Tell me which is your favourite and why!

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