Haferland, Transylvania – 2 days itinerary

Haferland, Transylvania

When visiting this place you will definitely feel transported in  a another world maybe from another century even, when agriculture was the most important activity, when most of the work was done manually, when people lived in close communities, when horse power literally meant horse power (1-2 depending on how many horses you had đŸ™‚ ) and when everything was “bio”

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Oradea – 10 reasons I fell in love with this surprising city

Oradea, Romania

Filled with cafes, bars, restaurants and all kind of shops, you don’t know what to admire first as you are making your way through the city centre. You want to stop at each step and take a thousand photos from a thousand angles, or just sit down at one of the charming coffee shops and enjoy a coffee/drink of your choice.

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