Galaxy Suites Hotel, Santorini

Galaxy Suites hotel, Santorini is situated in Imerovigli, right between Oia and Fira.  You can check more details about these towns and many interesting places in my previous post about Santorini.

From my point of view, Imerovigli boasts the best location: you get the stunning views of the Caldera but without the crazy crowds of Oia or Fira and yet, close enough to enjoy a night out. I say win-win!

First of all, I want to mention that this is not a sponsored post. I have been a guest of this hotel before I had my blog. Therefore, I am simply reviewing it because it was one of my favourite stylish hotels and  this is what this blog is about: a travel guide for the stylish traveler. And by stylish I don’t always mean top luxury. Sometimes it is simply what makes you comfortable. There are certainly more luxurious hotels in Santorini but this one offered exactly what we needed and wanted for our planned stylish holiday!

We spent 7 days at Galaxy Suites hotel, Santorini  and it was one of THE BEST holidays! So…. let me show you what this hotel has to offer and why I wanted to write this review:

Galaxy Suites hotel, Santorini – The hotel

Located 2 minutes from he main road where the taxi will drop you from the airport, not only you do not have to lurk your suitcase a long way but the staff will assist you with it. You can find plenty of restaurants and shops nearby, including travel agencies  that can organise trips, tours or car rentals for you ( you can also do this from the hotel).

The view

Situated on the west coast of Santorini, and on top of the cliff, you get unobstructed views over the caldera and the volcanic islands. And you get these views from everywhere: the pools, the bar, the restaurant and even from your own private balcony/jacuzzi!

The private jacuzzi

I admit, this was deciding factor for us when choosing this hotel. The jacuzzi (which in fact the hotel calls hot tube) is situated on the balcony and yet is very private. It is just perfect to relax in, morning, afternoon and evening :-). Imagine watching one those famous Santorini sunsets from the privacy of your own jacuzzi…whilst sipping a glass of champagne! I think even people that don’t drink champagne will want to drink it there!  🙂

The private pools

These are only for what the hotel calls “cave villas”. They are in fact apartments, with indoor jacuzzi and an outdoor private small pool. I cannot give more details about these as we did not stay in one, nor did we see one from the inside but you can check in the hotel website of course.

The big pools

The hotel has two pools, both with beautiful views! The biggest pool is situated on top of the hotel and right next to the bar. The second and smaller one is right in front of the rooms. Both pools offer excellent view.

The sunset

I wrote quite a bit about the famous Santorini sunset in my previous post, but what I did not  mention was that we watched and admired many of those sunsets from our hotel, or even more, straight from the jacuzzi :-).

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We did go to Oia and Fira as well, because, well, you have to do it. However, when you have this in the privacy of your own room and no crowds around you, it is really hard to leave!

The restaurant and the bar

We were there in September and it seemed a bit quiet but that did not bother us at all. We needed to relax and we did! Sometimes it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves, even though the hotel was fully booked.

The food and service

Breakfast is served in the room (with a view 😉 ) every morning.  You just have to tell them what you want and at what time you want it brought in.  You can also order lunch or dinner in your room, but for lunch the choice is smaller. Dinner can also be served at the restaurant….sunset and all..

Finally, to summarise everything (and I really hope the pictures spoke more than I could), here are the pro’s and con’s of Galaxy Suites hotel, Santorini from our perspective:

The PRO’s

  • location
  • the sunset views from your private jacuzzi!
  • quiet and relaxing
  • good service
  • breakfast in your room and….with THE view

The CON’s

  • the room was decent but for the price I would have expected a bit of extra
  • the water from the pools was really cold

In conclusion, we were very satisfied with our stay at Galaxy Suites hotel, Santorini and I would gladly recommend you this hotel

I hope my review was useful and if you have any comments or suggestions I would be really happy to hear from you as I am planning to include more hotel reviews on my blog in the future!

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Thank you for your visit and hope to see you back soon!

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Galaxy Suites


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