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Earlier this year I was invited at the opening of a brand new hotel in the hip part of the Romanian seaside. So obviously I was excited to check it out. Let me just tell you from the outset, that I loved it so much that I actually decided to extend my stay there by two more nights.

Initially I wanted to present it to you myself, but I felt that it is the kind of hotel that deserves a personal approach. So I sat down with the owner, the sweet Serin Geambazu, and interviewed her about the ins and outs of her new project.

The story behind

WTB: Tell me a little bit about you and how you decided to open a hotel

SG:This is a funny story. I asked my parents what they wanted to do for retirement and whether they planned to move away from the big city life and into a house with a garden. So it was a family decision to build a home that eventually became home for more than one family.

WTB: What is the concept behind it?

SG:The concept was simple: we tried to create a place to spend your holidays and, at the same time, to convince our guests that here you can have more than what a vacation usually offers. So we invited our clients to discover a new holiday concept at the Black Sea coast and to allow us to sublime their time in a harmonious and relaxing place.

I am an urban planner so our hotel is not at all about being an architectural masterpiece, but rather a living space, a shared space. The concept that guided the project is the concept of the courtyard. Courtyard houses are most common in Islamic architecture. They possess very important qualities for living, governed by values such as light, air, security and intimacy.

WTB: Does it target or is there a focus on a certain type of customers (e.g. family type, luxury type etc.)

SG: Although the business plan does mention certain tourist profiles, I think the hotel is continuously seeking its public. It somehow matches the realities and types of guests we have had so far: families with small children, young couples, creative people, people from the corporate sector, business travellers, foreign tourists and quite a lot of guests from the local airport staff.

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WTB: I know that you have a combination of rooms and some villa type as well. Are you planning to extend this?

SG: Yes, we do have five room concepts with different themes and designs, ensuring a new experience with each stay. There is no plan to extend, at least for now, but people who have seen what we managed to build suggested we start working on our second resort. So who knows what the future holds?

WTB: What do you think differentiates Nayino hotel from similar hotels in the area and why should people choose Nayino hotel?

SG: I would say the coziness, the courtyard and the private grass terraces. It is a perfect place that pleases more than one type of tourist and the impressive number of clients who have visited us this summer can surely testify to that. At Nayino, our top priority is getting on the guests’ wavelength and building a client-oriented environment based on trust, amiability and commitment.

WTB: At the moment you do not have a private beach. Also probably because the hotel is so new. Are you planning to have one in the future?

SG: Yes, starting next summer we will have one. For this season we have partnerships with the ones in front of our hotel, offering discount vouchers for our tourists.

WTB: Will the hotel be open throughout the year or only seasonally? I know you have some nice space where all sorts of private or business events could be organised. Are you open to this?

The hotel will be open the whole year round, during offseason focusing on private events such as weddings or social dinners, as well as on the corporate sector (team-buildings, workshops, conferences). Our 180 square meter restaurant has a seating capacity of 120 people, perfect for family events and the conference room accommodates a maximum of 90 people.

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We take pride in hosting you in a special place, where elegant and refined design combines with the unique appeal to the senses, from the gastronomic feast in our restaurant à la carte, the colourful garden and the private grass terraces by the outdoor pool to the fabulous rooftop lounge with amazing views over the Black Sea and the surroundings.

Even more…

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  1. The design is impeccable, I can see why you extended your stay! I love staying at family-run hotels, and I love that you shared a little bit of the owner and her family’s story with us 🙂 One of these days I swear I’ll come visit in Romania!

  2. Beautiful story of this hotel and beautiful photos. A story like that makes you go there and see. Thank you for open our eyes

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