Top 10 things to do in Mykonos

Mykonos, Greece

I went to Mykonos last summer (I know, I know it’s a long overdue post!) and, as expected, I fell completely in love. The bad part is that I went there in the peak season (in fact THE peak week!!!). The good part is that I still loved it, even with all the people.

Greece has thousands of gorgeous islands but somehow, some of them manage to make their way through the top preference of people and Mykonos and Santorini are right there at the top. They are both drop dead gorgeous but in a completely different way!

Now lets see what makes Mykonos so special, why I loved it and what you can do there. In fact, there is so much to tell about Mykonos that I am planning to write 3 different posts to proper cover it from all angles. So, this first one is about what you can (or better yet what you SHOULD) do there:

1. Attend some parties

Mykonos is famous for many reasons, but probably this is the main one. Notice how I did not say nightlife? Cause Mykonos is on for 24 hours!!! Ok, yes, maybe a bit less in the morning, when all the night birds are still sleeping, but come early afternoon, the island starts vibrating again!

We chose the more chilled vibe of the early parties (afternoon and evenings) and decided to actually enjoy our days at the beach so I cannot really relate about the night experience first hand. However, let me tell you this: there are buses picking people up from various locations to drop them off to party places! Yup…. PARTY  BUSES!

2. Go beach hopping

Now, that was my favourite part about the island. And I am not talking just go to the beach. No. Mykonos is famous for its beaches. There are so many and each of them manages to bring another vibe to the island. We stayed there for 7 days and tried a new beach every day. Sometimes 2 per day! However, for the sake of this post not getting too long, I will create another one dedicated only to the beaches! Deal?

All I will say here is that there is a competition as to which beach has got the bluest and clearest water!!! 😉 My god, the colour of the water in Mykonos is out of this world! Look at this!

3. Relax in a gay paradise (as a girl 😉 )

Seriously! Hear me out here, as I certainly know what I am talking about! Probably everybody knows that Mykonos is extremely popular with gay people, so much so that some people even call it the gay island. BUT….it doesn’t mean that you will only find gay people there, no way. Yes, you will certainly find A LOT more than on any other island (that I know of).

Now, the best part about it, is that, as a girl, you feel completely at ease in Mykonos! There is no confusion of somebody hitting (or not hitting) on you, so you can just have relaxed and pleasant conversations with people.

Mykonos, Greece
The famous Jackie’O

4. Splurge on top restaurants

In Mykonos you can dine as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it. For instance, don’t think a 300 Eur lunch is something rare here. But on the other hand, you can also have a delicious gyros or a salad for less than 10 Eur. It all really depends on you.  So… if you like going to nice (and most of the time really expensive) restaurants, Mykonos has got you covered. It is a known fact that Mykonos is the playground for  jet setters,  therefore you will find plenty of high end restaurants. I am only going to give you a few examples here as I plan to write a whole post just about this: Nammos, Scorpios, Buddha Bar, Jackie’O, Ling Ling by Hakkasan, Matsuhisa by Nobu…you get the gist right? 😉

5. Get lost in the old town

The white cobblestoned streets of Mykonos town, decorated with bright spots of colours from doors, shops, flowers to restaurants are inviting you to just keep walking and discover them. Each corner, each street reveals another charming sight and, if you are like me, you cannot stop taking pictures.

6. Shop till you drop

Being a jet setter destination, you can imagine that you will not only find your usual souvenirs shops here but a lot of fashion shops, art galleries, jewellery shops, home deco and so on. Do not leave Mykonos before checking some of these out. The fashion shops actually have some really special and sometimes unique pieces.

7. Rent an scooter/ATV/ car

If you are in Mykonos for a few days at least, it is a pity to just stay and hang around at your hotel beach. One of the main activities on this island is beach hopping (see #2 above). And some of the beaches are quite spread out and you can only reach them by car or ATV. Be careful and do not rent a big car there, as the streets are not really meant for big cars. Many of them are quite narrow and I have seen a few traffic jams created just because some of the cars were too big to be able to pass easily!

8. Watch the sunset from Little Venice

This is hands down the best and the most impressive place to watch the sunset in Mykonos. You might want to go there a bit earlier to make sure you can secure a spot at one of the terraces, cafes or restaurants aligned along Little Venice.

9. Take a boat

In addition to exploring the island by car/ATV, you can also reach some of the beaches by boat. And in fact, I preferred this to the car. So whenever it was possible, we always chose the boat. And I do not mean boat tours. They simply work like a water bus. They have an itinerary and they are picking people from beaches along the way and dropping them off to other beaches. We were staying in Ornos, which was the starting point for most of the boat trips so it was pretty easy.

And finally….

10. Chill, relax, get a tan

You are on a Greek island so that should actually be your main activity right?

One tip that I need to give you about Mykonos though is that it is a very windy place. Some beaches are windier than others.  I have to say I could not relax 100% on some due to all the sand flying around all the time. We also went there in August, which I understand it is normally high winds season so maybe check this out before you go.

I hope this guide is useful if you are going there and if you’ve already been, let me know what you think and whether you think there is something interesting I left out!

Also, I will be posting a lot of pictures from Mykonos (and other Greek islands) on my Instagram account so you might want to check it out here

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  1. Looks beautiful! I’ve been to 84 countries but Greece is one of my missing ones. Need to make a trip soon. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Your photos are so beautiful it looks unreal! I have been to Santorini and never thought any other island would ever top that, but it looks like Mykonos is a great contender. It’s going on my list, and I’m bookmarking your article. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. It’s so beautiful! It seems out of this world!! I really really want to visit Greece at least once in my life! The fact that they have party buses is indeed awesome hahaha

    I love how you included that as a girl you felt safe there! I think this is an important point as cat calling and such is very annoying when you just want to relax and enjoy yourself when you travel !
    The pictures of the old town and the shopping T_T omg I need to go there now!!!!

    • Hey Jane! thank you so much for your comment and appreciation! I am happy I could help with some tips and that I convinced you to go there. If you need more details, do not hesitate to ask. Also stay tuned for the next post on Mykonos! 🙂

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