Iaki hotel and spa in Mamaia

Iaki Mamaia

Recently I have been invited to Iaki spa on the Romanian seaside and I gladly responded to their invitation! Of course I did, when I am so much into spa/wellness and actually considering a personal project to try all the spas in Romania (did I just say that out loud?). You can read about my very first one here. Or if you prefer Romanian, here you go!

Up until 2 years ago I was not very familiar with the Romanian seaside… anymore. If you know a bit about me, you would probably know that I have not lived in Romania for 11 years. I returned about 2,5 years ago but I am still catching up with all the progress my country has made since I left. And the Romanian seaside is a very good example of such progress.

When you think that Iaki is the oldest hotel in Mamaia, it clearly stands as the best confirmation of this progress!

Although the hotel was not the main reason I was there, I will quickly  give you my opinion on it too and I hope I will go back to make a proper review of it as well.

Iaki Hotel

Iaki hotel is located in Mamaia, the most famous and hip resort on the Romanian seaside. The resort stretches on 8 km and the hotel is situated somewhat in the center of it. You can immediately notice it from the myriad of other hotels along the beach and the promenade, as it certainly stands out.


A bit of history about Iaki

I already mentioned that Iaki hotel is in fact the oldest hotel in the resort. I mean, it was inaugurated in 1959!!! Back then it was called Hotel Bucuresti. In 1999 it was  bought by the most famous Romanian football player of all times (Hagi of course) and it changed its name to IAKI. The hotel was reopened  in 2001 as a 4 stars hotel, after significant renovations.


As for facilities, I think there is a bit for everyone: private beach, 3 swimming pools (2 outdoor and one indoor), a spa center ( I am going to talk about that below), 3 restaurants, 2 bars, conference centres,  a football field (it’s Hagi’s right?) , parking, a beauty salon and even 2 shops.

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Hotel Iaki , Mamaia
The lobby


Rooms are cozy and comfortable and they are of a decent size. If you are lucky enough to get one with the sea view (like we did 😉 ) is even better.

I will not go into many more details about the hotel at this point  though as I am planning to go back there and do a full review. In the meantime you can go check more details here if you need to.

Hotel Iaki , Mamaia
Standard double with sea view
Hotel Iaki , Mamaia
The view from the room
Hotel Iaki , Mamaia
Even on a cloudy day, the view from the room is beautiful

Iaki Spa

Just like the hotel, Iaki Spa is the first spa on the Romanian seaside. It opened in 2002 and in 2012 went through thorough renovation.

The Spa is situated in another building and it is connected with the hotel through a covered gangway on the first floor. You can also get there through the internal courtyard of the hotel.

The spa occupies an area of 1600 square meters and it includes a complete list of facilities:

  • indoor swimming pool (heated at 29 degrees)
  • jacuzzi
  • sauna (one wet and one dry)
  • emotional shower
  • Vichy shower
  • corporal treatments rooms
  • cosmetic room
  • gym
  • fitness/yoga/pilates room

As you can see, there are plenty options to choose from.

We were there in what was probably the worst weekend at the seaside, weather wise.  So, as you can imagine, the pool area was packed. That was very unfortunate, as we did not get to test that part. Usually, summer is low season for the spa, the spa manager explained, but starting September it gets really popular. Did I mention that Iaki Spa is open all year long? They also have a membership system and they are very popular with the locals for the rest of the year.

Now, as far as the treatments are concerned, there is a very wide range to choose from.

The corporal treatments

Iyashi dome

One of my favourite treatments ever!! And let me tell you, I have tried “a few” in my life. Iyashi Dome is a very smart Japanese technology that works with long infrared waves. The idea is that the Iyashi Dome capsule helps you produce the same amount of sweat as if you had been running for 20 km and helps you “consume” about 600kcal! Yay!

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A session lasts for 30 min and a therapist is taking your measures: age, height , gender while you are climbing on an intelligent scale that further reads your weight and calculates your BMI, %of fat, muscles, bones density, metabolic age and so on, before and after the session. Depending on your level of health/fitness etc. you can immediately see significant results after only one session.  The sessions are recommended however as a package of 4, 6 or 10 depending on your needs.

The Iyashi Dome technology is based on an ancient Japanese technique called Suna Ryoho, whereby, during the summer, people would burry their bodies in hot sand to try and detoxify through perspiration.

You need to make sure you drink a  lot of water after the therapy as the perspiration will dehydrate you and you will not only get read of toxins but evidently you will also lose some minerals.

My readings before the treatment were considered “perfect” by the therapist (yes, yes I am smiling as well) but I could still see a difference afterwards (kinda more than perfect basically 😉 . And without going in too much details, I can just tell you that my metabolic age decreased by 2 years after one session, even if it was already very good before that. So the conclusion is that I am not only very young at heart, but also my body feels very young. Thank you Iyashi Dome….and Japan (I had to quickly squeeze this one in here 😉 –  if you want to know why, head over here )!

Other body treatments

Like I said earlier, the offer is very wide: massages of all kind (with bamboo sticks, relaxing, anti cellulite, hot stone etc.) or body treatments (vichy showers, body scrubs).

Or if you prefer he rituals packages:

  • Salty Lagoon Therapy
  • Regeneration Therapy
  • Voyage d’harmonie
  • Ombre oriental ritual
  • Iaki candle oil and so on

Cosmetic treatments

For the cosmetic part, Iaki Spa works with 3 brands:

  • Yon-ka – a complete range of products for face and body, based on essential oils, fruit extracts and marine elements
  • Intraceuticals – a very innovative and non-invasive anti-ageing and medical range of products used only in salons
  • Gerovital – the most popular Romanian cosmetics brand. Iaki Spa uses the Equilibrium range which caters exclusively to salons.

For the full list of treatments and other details please head over here

More pics of the hotel premises

Iaki hotel, Mamaia
Outdoor terrace
Iaki hotel, Mamaia
The outdoor terrace
Iaki hotel, Mamaia
The view from the beach
Iaki hotel, Mamaia
The private beach of the hotel
Iaki hotel, Mamaia
The Black Sea on a stormy day

Iaki Hotel, Mamaie

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