Wine tasting in Myanmar

Red Mountain Winery

Red Mountain Estate, Myanmar

Is it France, Italy , Spain or….is it Burma (Myanmar)?  Yes! Well done you for guessing 😉 .

And you know what?.. Myanmar has not one but two vineyards in the whole country!

I said it before and will say it again: Inle Lake was my favourite place in the country. But today I am not going to tell you about all the things that make this place so special (you can check my previous post for that). Instead I am going to tell you about just one place that nobody would expect to find here: Red Mountain Winery. 

I am sure I would not be wrong if I’d say nobody here expected to find that in Myanmar, right? Well this was the very first thing I did when I arrived in Inle: wine tasting whilst admiring the beautiful sunset over the hills! Food is also available on a menu and it is a mix of international and local. You can either get wine by the glass, by the bottle or you can actually do a proper tasting( which I certainly recommend). The tasting consists of 4 different types of local wines (both red and white) and even for a wine lover like mysels, I must say that they did not disappoint.

How to get to Red Mountain Winery

The winery is located about 30 min by bicycle from Nyaung Shwe (where you’d probably be staying), but you can also get a tuk-tuk there. I would recommend the latter option, especially if you are going to drink. Also you would want to stay there for the sunset and it gets dark very fast afterwards.

PS: I am not saying that this is definitely a “must see” but if you actually make it to Inle it then becomes one 😉

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Red Mountain Winery, Myanmar


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