The Sakura Fairytale- 35 photos that will make you want to visit Japan during spring

Sakura, Japan….my obsession! ♥

I wrote about Sakura (cherry trees blossoms ) before and how it has been my dream for years and how I was following the yearly forecast. Therefore I am not going to bore you with that here. Instead, I decided to put together 35 of my favourite photos  and share them with you as my Sakura fairytale album.

Some of the pictures have been included in previous posts about Japan and Kyoto, but I wanted to have them all together in one place.

I hope you enjoy it!

And if you want to check out the best places to see Sakura in Japan, head over here

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A sakura fairytale
A sakura fairytale

Sakura, Japan



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    • Thank you RaulersinGirlsTravel! I have seen many pictures of the cherry blossoms in DC and they were very pretty as well!

    • DrifterHannah, thank you! Those are actually “normal” girls dressed up in Japanese clothes, a very typical thing to do especially during Sakura. But I do have plenty of geishas and maikos in my other posts about Japan :-). Thanks again for stopping by!


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